This symposium is being held due to persistent pursuit of the Ministry of Water and Electricity(MOWE) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to raise the electricity use efficiency, and the ministry’s  initiative to find appropriate means to cutting down electric hazards to the minimum.  By this types of events, (MOWE) as the supervisor of electricity sector,  is working on a continuous path of activating its role in creating the appropriate legislations and regulations to aid the relevant authorities in electricity utilities  (generation, transmission and distribution sectors),  to provide the protection of all sectors facilities and the employees working in those sectors  from  potential risks, work injuries, and occupational diseases, and to reduce the risks & health hazards that may occur from electricity use in other governmental and industrial  facilities, which may result of human and economic losses, and negatively impacts to the working environment in such facilities, or disabilities of employees as a result of occupational diseases and injures arising from their work in places with a dangerous nature.
The symposium offers technical and scientific presentations of experiences applied locally, regionally and internationally, that will aid in the development of legislation and regulations in the Kingdom in order to achieve electrical safety for electricity utilities and industrial plants connected to power network, and reduce electrical risks to a minimum providing a safe & healthy environment for employees and save their lives. The symposium will focus particularly on electrical safety requirements in Public Facilities (educational facilities, health facilities, commercial facilities, recreational facilities, …..), international systems of occupational safety & health in these facilities ,  and international electrotchnical commission system for certification to standard relating to equipment for use in explosive atmospheres (IECEx system), in addition, scientific discussions will be held on the means of achieving the highest safety requirements in industrial facilities and the challenges facing the local industry in achieving the appropriate level of safety.