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Saudi Specialized Laboratories Co. (Motabaqah) is specialized in setting up testing and calibration labs, providing
services of testing and analysis for all locally manufactured and imported materials/products, issuance of conformity
certificates, and operation and management of laboratories.
The company aims to be a partner in maintaining the safety and public health, protecting the consumer and the
environment, and enhancing the competitiveness of national products through the application of the Saudi and
international standards, along with contributing to the national economy and technological progress of the kingdom.

The company emphasizes on the application of Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (Saso) and International
standards, besides application of (ISO 9100:2000) and (ISO 17025) standards. Motabaqah is the first-choice provider of
testing, calibration and certification of products.

Motabaqah has been trusted and recognized locally and internationally for its accurate results. The company offers the
most comprehensive and advanced technology and solutions in the laboratories field even as it continuously develops,
improves and optimizes its services.

Motabaqah’s mission is to protect consumers and add value to their businesses besides increasing the reputation of their
The company labs are equipped with state-of-art testing instruments and materials for carrying out inspection and
calibration test in record time. Motabaqah maintains strict confidentiality. The company labs are spread out in all main
cities and custom outlets in the kingdom.


1) Chemical and Microbiological Analysis Lab:
2) Measurement, Calibration and Verification Labs:
3) GMO Testing Lab:
4) Electrical Products and Appliances Testing Labs:
5) Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory:
6) Toys Safety Testing Lab:
7) Vehicles Testing and Inspection Lab:
Future Plan
The company seeks to expand its chain of specialized labs by spreading in the main cities and custom outlets throughout
the kingdom, in addition to setting up ten-lab complexes in Jeddah and Dammam.

Also in the near-term the company plans to establish a specialized foodstuff, agricultural and pharmaceutical laboratories
at Al-Haditha border (Saudi border with Jordan), and a specialized laboratory for petroleum and chemical products at
Batha border (Saudi border with UAE).

Motabaqah has been granted 24 initial licenses by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) as per the Royal
Decree No M/3. The new lab chain includes testing facilities for foodstuffs, agricultural and pharmaceutical products,
mechanical and mineral products, construction and building materials, general materials, spinning and weaving products
and test, inspection and calibration.

Motabaqah has already obtained 10,000 sq m of land in Dammam city to establish its ten-lab complex. The well-known
German company Arc2Lab has carried out the design and supervision of this project.

Motabaqah has recently joined the ‘Proficiency Tests Programme’ by laboratories spread throughout the world, which will
enable the company to compare the results of lab tests with international laboratories.