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Schneider Electric Stresses on Importance of Electrical Safetyschneider-logo

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, is encouraging homeowners
and businesses to ensure that every safeguard is in place for their electrical installations.
Focusing in particular on the importance of conforming to precautions, Schneider Electric hopes
to educate consumers to help them maintain safety and avoid risk to life and equipment, as well
as avoid financial losses for industries from prolonged shutdowns.

Towards this end, the France-based company is highlighting its range of differential and earth
leakage protection products at the 2nd Electrical Safety Experts Symposium. The company’s
wide range of products, safeguard consumers from electric shock, fire, unexpected shutdowns

Schneider Electric products are fully compliant with major international, local and regional
standards for electrical equipment including IEC (International Electrotechnical Standards),
NEMA and other major standards. In Saudi Arabia, Schneider Electric, meets the requirements
of the Saudi Arabian Standards Organisation (SASO), which is responsible for standards in
relation to services, facilities, utilities and products within the country.

Vishal Sharma, Marketing Director, Schneider Electric, said: “Power cuts continue to occur
everywhere although irregularly, but when they do, they have a profound impact on the local
community leaving homes and public places without electricity. Power cuts can also lead to
stoppage in operation of important public infrastructures such as traffic lights, hospitals and
other critical operations, thereby increasing the probability of road accidents and medical
equipment failure. With Integrated power distribution solutions from Schneider, customers can
monitor, control and analyse their complete networks remotely and stop problems before they

Schneider Electric’s industry leading circuit breakers and fully type tested electrical panels are
engineered for electrical distribution and protection solution large sites and residential projects.
Installed in millions of homes and commercial properties worldwide, the equipment offers safety
with added features like total discrimination, selectivity and earth leakage protection solutions.

Central to Schneider Electric’s safety agenda is the protection of people & property and the
solution providers installing the products i.e. electricians, technicians, panel builders and others
working directly with electrical sources. To this end, Schneider Electric’s range of SELV (safety
extra low voltage) products are recommended for situations where the operation of electrical
equipment presents a serious hazard, in areas such as swimming pools, bathroom and the