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“Electrical Safety in high occupancy Buildings and Facilities - safety first”

 The Electrical Safety Experts Symposium comes in its fourth edition to focus on the lessons learned and the new solutions to face the challenges of electrical safety in high occupancy buildings and facilities . Moreover, this Symposium represents the continuous efforts and keenness of  Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources in Saudi Arabia to achieve electrical safety, in addition to its initiatives to find appropriate ways to reduce the risks arising from electricity as well as activating the Ministry role in finding appropriate legislation and regulations to assist the authorities concerned with the protection of the human element in health, education and entertainment facilities as well as employees, clients and users of these facilities from potential electrical risks. Worth mentioning that the ministry is acting as the supervisor of this important sector in addition to implementing the tasks assigned to it in the civil defense system, i.e. guaranteeing that the electricity is connected only after licenses issuing authorities have checked the electrical safety of the facility.

Moreover, the ministry provides technical assistance to Civil Defense Council in issuing electrical safety regulations that should be applied on the facilities to protect properties and individuals.

It is obvious that the theme of the symposium is considered one of the most important topics, since the recommendations that may be issued in such symposium will have a major impact in preventing fire and electrical accidents in high occupancy facilities and buildings or minimize its adverse effects, in addition to avoiding heavy losses in the infrastructure of the Kingdom, as the implementation of safety elements in densely populated places is an important factor in protecting human element, which is considered the most important and most precious element.  The reasons of high probability of death and injuries resulting from fire or electric shocks in densely populated places can be avoided through applying the safety standards.

The symposium will include scientific visual presentations that reflect the experiences applied locally, regionally and internationally, using its advantages in the development of legislation and regulations in the Kingdom in order to achieve safety in high occupancy facilities and limit the main reasons of electrical risks so as to provide the safety and health of its users, employees and visitors and preserve their lives, as well as reduce financial losses to protect the national economy.

The critical importance of such a symposium can be obvious through looking at the latest statistics issued by General Directorate of Civil Defense for the year 1435 A.H, which show that a number of (17382) fire accidents have occurred due to electrocution. Moreover, this percentage increased in 1436 A.H at about (10%), as it reached (19681) fire accidents.

Fire accidents due to electrocution in KSA  reached (38%) of the total fire accidents in KSA that reached (51781). Hence, this require the keenness of the ministry to achieve electrical safety, in addition to the initiatives that seek to find suitable means to eliminate these risks, as well as enhancing its role in setting the appropriate regulations and legislations to help the concerned authorities in protecting human element.

This clarifies the critical importance of this symposium, that will focus on this type of buildings and show the international, regional and local experiences to address the reasons of these electrical accidents and the applied legislations to limit and eliminate the human and financial losses.

In light of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and National Transformation Program 2020, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is amid a great development in infrastructure and development of megaprojects. This development comes to achieve the most important objectives, represented in building (prosperous economy…competitiveness) and the expected megaprojects that will come as a result of investing real estate assets owned by the country in strategic sites, in addition to allocating vital sites to educational facilities, markets and entertainment centers, as well as allocating wide spaces on beaches for touristic projects and allocating suitable lands for industrial projects. This will strengthen the position of KSA as the first country among the states of Gulf Cooperation Council in the field of construction projects. According to the report of Deloitte company titled “GCC Powers of Construction 2014”, the kingdom is committed to construction projects in housing, health care, education and transportation, that cost an amount of trillion USD.

It is worth mentioning that some projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were rewarded the international recognition after listing the Kingdom in the most innovative and inspiring (100) urban infrastructure projects around the world in the second edition of KPMG report titled “Infrastructure 100”. Hence, this reveals the importance of initiatives that seek to protect infrastructures and national economy through systems, legislations, awareness, training, preventive maintenance necessary for reserving the safety of facilities and protecting the lives of people through avoiding or reducing electrical accidents in high valued occupied facilities.

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